Case: Creating a Bollywood Personality.

Scenario: The indian takeout and restaurant business had gotten too redundant in the vicinity with a similar tonality used by all. We wanted to bring something clutter breaking in a location with a dense population of folks from the sub-continent.

Solution: We thought – what brings desi people together? The answer was clear: Desi food and Bollywood. We started off with creating a nostalgic mural at the shop which became a sensational topic in the vicinity, every customer while waiting for their food would have their fan moments with the superstars and their iconic dialogures. 

The staff in store, the menu, takeaways, digital postings, brand voice – everything depicted a bollywood style to keep up with the brand persona.

Result: Bollywood Flames built a top of mind recall and put up a showstopper performance on the red carpet in the city of Ajax.


Case: List Building.

Scenario: In an extremely competitive market, how do you get the attention of your target customer that has an overwhelming number of offers blasted at them?

Solution: It takes a compound effect to achieve desired results in such competitive markets. We strategically placed ads by extreme re-marketing tactics to grab the attention of local contractors as a part of our list building exercise. Our e-mail marketing experts carefully curated highly engaging creative copies to attract the attention of these prospects. Achieving consecutive open rates of 30%+, with a growing list of thousands of contractors.

Result: Homelux continues to see exponential growth in their footfall, brand recognition, and numbers. Every email marketing strategy differs as per the goals, but the fundamental concepts with creativity drive results.


Case: Brand Persona and Voice.

Scenario: The current digital presence of the brand was weak and not aligned as per the overall branding of the firm. The look and feel, tone, and content of the brand needed to be unified and synced.

Solution: We created a detailed content strategy to lock down the type of content, creating strict content brand guidelines, content plans, and followed a consistent posting strategy. The content was hand-picked, vigilantly placed, and followed a recurring artstyle to build brand recognition. We listened to the engaging audience talking to us as they appreciated the content that was shared, listening to the customers amplified the organic growth and engagement rates.

Result: Today, Swagger is taken as an inspiration when it comes to Style, Class, Luxury. Entrepreneurs, business owners, celebrities, and artists of various kinds aspire to get a spot for Swagger Magazine’s cover page if they want to associate themselves with the above brand image.

The Dentalist :

Case: Awareness based Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation.

Scenario: The Dentalist realized that awareness of common dental procedures was lacking in the young population, which was a major part of its target market.

Solution: We set out an awareness campaign strategy for The Dentalist, where the content strategy had short 15-25 secondars of informational awareness based videos for TikTok and IG, along with occasional roll outs of attractive offers that would counter competitor pricing, spark an interest of the viewers already in the funnel.

Result: Due to its solid content strategy, the brand recall increased within the target market resulting in an increase of 38% of walk-in patients, and an overall lift in brand awareness, engagement, and word of mouth marketing as well considering each patient resulted in a testimonial.